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A Bourbon Trip

Paintings by David Reed


The Grand Gallery invites visitors to take “A Bourbon Trip’ courtesy of artist David Reed, whose oil

paintings of central Kentucky distilleries are on display now through August. Reed was drawn to distilleries as a ”quintessential Kentucky subject,” beginning with Buffalo Trace which was a convenient neighbor before setting out on the Bourbon Trail with the goal of painting all of Kentucky’s distilleries eventually. He surveys each location for the best composition, and then sketches on site directly on prepared canvas. He then completes each painting back in the studio with the hep of reference photographs.


Reed is a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, and spent many years in advertising there and in Washington, DC prior moving to Frankfort. He is a member of the Lexington Art League, and his paintings have been exhibited regionally.


All paintings in this exhibition are original oils and are $2500.00 each. Reproduction rights are also available from the artist.

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