Venn Diagram

Intersecting circles

Overlapping ideas

Shape and color


Paintings by Blake Snyder Eames

Prints by Elizabeth Foley


In their art Blake Snyder Eames and Elizabeth Foley use color to achieve a sense of happiness. Compositionally, each explores shape (circles), color, and pattern. Blake paints and Elizabeth prints. Blake’s style is pop art infused and art deco inspired, resulting in vibrant patterns that inspire the senses and soothe the mind’s desire for structure. Elizabeth’s style is abstract, creating a vibrant dialogue between shape, color, and pattern that both delight and challenge. Both push their mediums to achieve a contemplative space for the viewer.


For this exhibit the artists wanted to exhibit their work side by side and create a dialogue between the shapes and color. Each brought a body of work to the gallery and then arranged it so as to have a conversation among the pieces. While the work was created in their individual studios using different methods, there are commonalities, or elements of overlap, as in a Venn Diagram.


After years of admiring each other’s work, Blake and Elizabeth met in 2016. As well as having common goals for their art, they realized how much their lives overlapped, too. And, their passion for color has kept the conversation going.


Blake Snyder Eames is a professional artist who has exhibited her work in multiple venues for more than 20 years. Her paintings, design, murals and furniture pieces can be found in homes, businesses, and collections across the country. Well known for her bold, geometric paintings, Eames is also the owner of Blake Eames Design, an independent enterprise specializing in commercial and residential interior design and furniture redesign. Eames is a lifelong resident of Lexington, Kentucky, where she lives with her musician husband, Willie Eames, and their two children in a century-old restored house downtown.


Elizabeth Foley is a printmaker living in Louisville, Kentucky. She received a BFA in graphic design from Washington University and an MFA in printmaking and M.Ed from Ohio University. She has exhibited work nationally for over fifteen years and has art on view at 21c Museum Hotel Lexington, UK Chandler Medical Center, May Department Stores, and Kentucky One Healthcare Network. She is a founding member of the Bluegrass Printmakers’ Cooperative and was Executive Director for ten years. After twenty years teaching middle and high school art, she is pursuing art full-time.



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