Grand Theatre's Success/Future Goals
  • Enhances Quality of Life for Frankfort and Franklin County Residents – Since the September 10, 2009 opening, over 25,000 tickets have been sold for events.  The Grand Theatre is a place to get together, have fun, enjoy the Arts, and learn.
  • Reduces “Leakage” of Dollars to Lexington and Louisville – Our 25,000 ticket purchasers fill our downtown restaurants, keeping disposable income at home and promoting downtown development.
  • Promotes Tourism – The Grand Theatre has sold over 2,000 tickets to our events to residents of other towns like Lexington, Louisville, Morehead and Richmond and other states like West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and Alabama as well as other countries in our first two seasons.
  • Promotes Education – The Grand Theatre has conducted matinees of various professional arts events that have been included in our season or separately marketed to the public, private, and home schools in Franklin County.  In our first two seasons, over 3,000 students attended programs at the Grand Theatre.
  • Awarded for our Historic Preservation – The Grand Theatre represents the restoration of an early vaudeville theatre opened in 1911 and a 680 seat movie theatre constructed in 1941, all being restored utilizing a historic adjacent building on Main Street to provide back-of-house space for the theatre.  The Grand Theatre was awarded the Ida Lee Willis Preservation Award in 2010.  The Grand Theatre is proud to preserve and bring back to an even greater community presence these historic buildings which make up our downtown Frankfort fabric.
  • Promotes Economic Development – The arts programming and educational activities that the Grand Theatre creates enhances the marketability of the Frankfort/Franklin County community to businesses looking to relocate, expand and the like.  In 2011, the Grand Theatre was awarded the Envision Franklin County Award for our role in enhancing the Franklin County Community. The Grand Theatre is the most important new vehicle to promote Franklin County’s attraction to business and tourism.